AIXRO Wankel XR50 engine

Reliable engine that weights 18 kilograms and has 50 HP at 8750RPM? That is all possible thanks to Mercedes-Benz sponsorship for Wankel engine kart programm and AIXRO Wankel XR50 engine was born. With outstanding characteristics like high reliability,  high power to weight ratio, no vibrations makes them especially suitable for installation in aircraft or oder demanding applications. Based on XR50, Gilo Cardozo developed Rotron engines capable flying at 9000 meters on GKN mission above Everest. That are very good news for motoparagliding society and ultralight builders. The only obstacle is the rpice which is around 4500 EU ready to fly.

More about AIXRO XR50 can be found here:
More about Parajet Rotron engine can be found at

7 Responses to “AIXRO Wankel XR50 engine”

  1. Edward Santucci says:

    Would love to by one for my new Earthstar aircraft that I just finished, but now need a engine to complete. How ever the price here in U.S. dollars is way out in never never land.I don’t see how you will be able to sell many engines here in the U.S.A. at $8500.00 and that doesn’t include the radiator.

  2. admin says:

    Hello Edward,
    Thank you for your post. Actually I am not the seller. This is just a blog. The company selling this engine is AIXRO! Here is the link They offered me the engine complete with propeller for 3900 EURO. In this video you can hear the sound of it on a paratrike a friend of mine made !

  3. nick palmer says:

    i was actually looking for a 4-stroke but this AIXRO wankel engine has to be the answer??

  4. admin says:

    This is great engine! A fellow of mine recently bought one for 3900 EUR ready to fly. Here is it on the trike flying!
    And here is the link


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  6. Robert says:

    You’re confusing the Aixro XR50 and Aixro XF40. The XR50 (as pictured above) can produce an amazing 44 hp and weighs only 38 lbs. Unfortunately, it can only do it for 10 seconds at full power. That’s only good for race-course Karts.

    Aixro does make a continuous full-power engine suitable for aircraft, the XF40. Unfortunately, it only produces 35 hp and weighs 56 lbs complete. But that’s what it takes to produce continuous power.

  7. admin says:

    When this post was written XF40 does not existed or just came to life. Few friends ordered XF40, complete with 3 blade Helix prop. Very good piece of engeneering. Cheerz!

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