4T 39HP engine from Switzerland

Nice! Fresh Breeze discovered for us a 15kg  39 HP@10 000 RPM!

Swissauto 15 kg 39 HP Trike engine

Wow! Here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s4YqSFH210 and here is the manufacturer PDF http://www.swissauto.com/swissauto-webseite/uploadfiles/DE_200080.pdf . Enjoy!

Trike engine

Hirth F23 – two stroke, two opossite cylinders, 521 cc, 24 kg and 50 HP @ 6300 RPM! An excelent engine for two seat paramotor trikes! This engine I am planing to use in my future prject – the paramortor double drive buggy. The official manufacturer site of the engine: http://www.hirth-engines.de/english/Produkte/Motoren/Motorinformation%20F23asbses.htm .

Again outstanding Wankel engine

It seems Wankel engines are the future of ultralight aviation. These one comes from Englad. The UAV Engines Ltd. produces 11 kg. aircooled 38 HP, single rotor engine with 150 hours TBO! Uncredible! The good news are that  this company is most likely to make sales to ordinary customers not from UAV manufacturing branch accoriding to some forum posts. I will keep folowing the progress of the paramotor guy converting UAV’s Wankel.

DIY Paramotor

A Thailand R&D company produces Adventure like shells, fule tanks (14 liters not 9) and prop cages which are seem to be with good quality and cost about 900 USD as is on the picture without harnes. You can mount any engine on it. In this case if the frame shipped is 1200 USD and an average engine is about 1800 USD, harnes is about 250 you are done for 3500 ! Nice.  I discovered that links in english offering “prop cages, fuel tanks and shells for paramotor suitable for Adventure and Nirvana” are removed but in Thai are not. Nevertheless they still offer the above products to the customers. The interesting thig to see is the  Kasei-140 paramotor engine. It has about 20 Hp probably at 8000 RPM.
More information can be found here. Do not hesitate to click on Thai links. http://www.skysportshop.com/HOME.html

Paramotor helmets

As soon as I found this link I am speeding to publish it on my blog so more people can find that good deal. Get your self one for about 160 Euros! That comes cheaper than more offered on the Internet. The thing that bothers me is the helmet microphone which is much alike this on SeaWind helmets! I bought for about 310 Euros two years ago. Hope this one works good. Seawind has wrong wiring scheme for all kind of radios. Because I have Yeasu VX-150 here is the wiring shceme that works: http://www.arsov.com/SEAWIND_HELMETS_2_VX150.jpg
HELMETS SITE LINK : http://www.speedair.de/paramotor-ulm-helmets/ppg-i-paramotor-helmet-with-headset/ppg-i-paramotorhelmet-black-with-high-quality-2-2.html

AIXRO Wankel XR50 engine

Reliable engine that weights 18 kilograms and has 50 HP at 8750RPM? That is all possible thanks to Mercedes-Benz sponsorship for Wankel engine kart programm and AIXRO Wankel XR50 engine was born. With outstanding characteristics like high reliability,  high power to weight ratio, no vibrations makes them especially suitable for installation in aircraft or oder demanding applications. Based on Read More

30HP 11kg Paramotor engine

Cosmo-Infinity offers a paramotor 2 cylinder, 2 stoke 282 cc BOXER engine with outstanding power to weight ratio. It has near 30 horse power and weights about 14 kg ready to fly! That is awesome!

ParaZoom 630 ccm V2 4 stroke paratrike Engine

Briggs & Stratton are widely known true the years as outdor power equipment movers. Some time ago they where discovered for paramotoring. Recently a company ParaZoom Trio-Star finished tuning a 630 cc V2 four stroke Vanguard series engine. Vanguard series are created for demandina applications and incorporates features that ensure engine reability and long life. As it seen on the Read More

Paramotor units evaluating

Most of us bought the paramotor units from the PPG schools we are learned to fly with. Buying equpment from our PPG school means that we support it and thats the way it should be.But because of human nature there is always a doubt left. We all remember our first PPG convention. Then questions begin to arise:
   Why my engine is so laught?
   Why my unit is so heavy?
   Why getting up on my feet is harder than other brands etc.
So, to share our experience of paramotors we fly a simple 3 questions servey has been published.

My paramotor is:

My experience is:

I am satisfied with my paramotor:

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